Nonsense and Consequences began as a joint venture of Bethany King and Cameron Booth. These are their stories.

Bethany King


My parents named me Bethany and I’ve become quite attached to it so you can call me Bethany too. Nothing excites me more than finding a pen on the ground that still works! Except maybe getting a kill in League of Legends or successfully picking a lock. If you’d like to buy a little happiness I sell some at Drawing and laughing is what I do so being my friend means I draw you and I laugh at you. Now that I’ve told you all about the deepest parts of me please refrain from stealing my identity. Many thanks!

Cameron Booth

camJack of all trades and king of none, I’m interested in just about everything (except geology of course). I graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a degree in Business, and I work as a web developer by day. By night, however, I make music, write, take pictures and drink wine—though not necessarily in that order.  You can learn a bit more about me at my personal website, Cameron Booth Creative.

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