Bethany-(The parts I wrote for you are totally a sample, you can say whatever you want) Hey Cameron. People always seem to underestimate what goes into making a comic. They don’t seem to appreciate all of the blood, sweat and tears that go into every comic we generate. I’m literally bleeding, sweating and crying a hilarious comic out right now.


Bethany-Figuratively speaking.

Cameron-Yeah, people think making a comic is just one big joke. They say things to me like, “Hey Cameron, it must be nice having time to work on cute little comics while I shovel number nine coal in a god-forsaken mine all day. You load sixteen tons, what do you get?¬†Another day older and deeper in debt.”

Bethany-Coal Miners are so melodramatic.

Cameron-Tell me about it.

Bethany-Okay. Coal Miners tend to be painfully exaggeratory and morose about their deflating line of wo–

Cameron- –Beth, let’s talk about how we make comics.

Bethany-Good idea.

Cameron-In general, we like to stick to the age old 5-step process. We call our process the “One B, Two D, and Two P Process” (we’re still working on a catchier title). What that stands for is Brainstorm, Draft, Draw, Photoshop, Publish. Allow us to break it down. Take our comic Bomb Squad Mathematics¬†as an example:

1) Brainstorm

*content here*

2) Draft

*my rough picture here and brief explanation*

3) Draw

*your drawing here and brief explanation*

4) Photoshop

*content here*

5) Publish

*I’ll put some content here about the final publishing process*

And that’s it! Now go away.